Professor Michael A. Krassa, Ph.D.
Professor and Chair Emeritus of Human Dimensions of Environmental Systems (HDES), and
Professor Emeritus in SDEP, Political Science, and the Center for Global Studies at the University of Illinois

tel  217.300.4337
fax  217.244.5712

Courses I have taught in the past.

The following is a list of courses that I have taught since 1984, mostly at the University of Illinois. Some I love to teach; some I will definitely teach again; some I may never teach again; and others  I wish never to teach again.


Introduction to Political Science.
Introduction to American Politics.
Civic Engagement in Modern Societies
Introduction to American Politics:
Freshman Discovery. [Pol Sci has discontinued Discovery courses.]
Civic Engagement in Modern Society
Social Ecology of Neighborhoods: Neighborhoods and Politics.
Political Analysis.
Political Science Research Methods.
Survey Research Methods.
Game Theory Methods for Political Scientists.
Social Context Theory.
Social Ecology.
Neighborhoods and Politics.
New Urbanism and Politics.
Directed Readings (various topics).
The Cline Seminar: Civic Engagement.
Campaign Management Seminar.
The Presidency and Executive Branch Politics.
Legislative Politics.
Political Behavior.
Elections in Theory & Practice
Electoral Behavior.
Voting and Elections.
Electoral Behavior in Comparative Perspective.
Senior Honors Thesis Supervision.
Washington Internship Advisor.
Illinois Government Internship Advisor.
City/County Government Internship Advisor


Human Dimensions of Environmental Systems research seminar.
Civic Leadership Practicum I
Civic Leadership Practicum II
Civic Engagement in Modern Societies.
Neighborhoods and Politics.
Statistical Methods for Political Research.
Econometric Methods.
Time Series Analysis.
Advanced Time Series Methods.
Unobtrusive Research.
Designs for Behavioral Research.
Qualitative Research Methods.
Elections and Voting.
Mass Behavior.
Social Influences on Political Behavior and Attitudes.
Political Behavior I.
Political Behavior II.
Proseminar: Foundations of Political Behavior.
Neighborhood Design and Civic Participation.
Congress and Legislatures.
Contextual Theories of Political Behavior.
Covariance Structure Models.
Electoral Behavior.
Individual and Collective Choice.
Theories of Political Participation.
Introduction to Lobbying
Environment and Behavior Seminar.
Architecture and Politics.
Dissertation Research Design Seminar.
Mass Political Behavior.
The Logic of Political Inquiry.
Ph.D. Dissertation Supervision.
Environment and Behavior

Other Teaching (Courses offered at other Universities or for other units).

Lobbying Internship.
Environment and Behavior Seminar.
Architecture and Society.
Holistic Sustainability.
Social Context Theory.
Lobbying in the Public Interest.
Public Space and the Public Interest.
Campaign Management.
The Social Experiment of Poundbury.
Civic Engagement in Britain and the EU.
Civic Engagement and Urban Form.

Malta, the EU, and Civic Engagement.
Complexity and Stability in Sustainable Ecosystems
Workgroup on Environment and Behavior

Social Dimensions of Community Gardens
The Social Ecology of the Neighborhood

From Constantinople to Poundbury: The planned community in comparative perspective.


Public Seminars  [Seminars offered to the general public (no enrollment required).]

Civic Engagement and Urban Form.
Creating Effective Neighborhood Organizations.
Protecting Your Neighborhood.
Redevelopment and Citizens.
Where is your garage? Where is your living room?